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Florida Atlantic University


Programs of study

Undergraduate Degree Admissions Requirements Tuition fees Apply
Accountiung IELTS 6 17300 USD Apply
Digital Marketing IELTS 6 17300 USD Apply
Economics IELTS 6 17300 USD Apply
Finance IELTS 6 17300 USD Apply
Postgraduate degree Admissions Requirements Tuition fees Apply
Multicultural Education IELTS 6,5 17300 USD Apply
Transportation Engineering IELTS 6,5 17300 USD Apply

About Florida Atlantic University

Spanning over 100 miles on Florida’s Southeast coast, Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton is a large public institution that provides diverse experiences for students. Undergraduates can choose from over 60 majors. In addition to the main campus, where more than 70% of students take classes, FAU has five other locations in the state. The university has over $70 million in research expenditures and global partnerships in over 10 locations. Campus life is bustling, with more than 400 clubs and Division I athletics. Over half of the student body is from a diverse background, and the university is a Hispanic-Serving Institution. FAU boasts a 68% job placement rate.

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Why Florida Atlantic University?

Choosing the right University is your next big decision and the reasons to choose FAU are as diverse as our 30,000 students. A quality institution ranked by the Carnegie Foundation, Princeton Review and others. ... Student opportunities to work side-by-side with top-notch faculty on research that will shape the future

Academic Faculties


B.B.A., B.S.BusinessAnthropology

B.A.Arts & LettersArchitecture

B.ArchArts & LettersArt

B.A., B.F.A.Arts & LettersArt Education Teachers

B.A., B.F.A.Arts & LettersBiological Sciences

B.A., B.S.ScienceChemistry

B.A., B.S.ScienceCivil Engineering

B.S.C.V.Engineering and Computer ScienceCommercial Music

B.M.Arts & LettersCommunication Studies

B.A.Arts & LettersComputer Engineering

B.S.C.E.Engineering and Computer ScienceComputer Science

B.A.C.S, B.S.Engineering and Computer ScienceCriminal Justice

B.A.Social Work and Criminal JusticeEarly Care and Education


B.B.A., B.S.BusinessData Science and Analytics

B.S.BusinessData Science and Analytics

B.S.ScienceElectrical Engineering

B.S.E.E.Engineering and Computer ScienceElementary Education

B.A., B.A.E.EducationEnglish

B.A.Arts & LettersEnglish Education

B.A., B.A.E.EducationEnvironmental Engineering

B.S.E.V.Engineering and Computer ScienceExceptional Student Education

B.A., B.A.E.EducationExercise Science and Health Promotion


B.B.A., B.S.BusinessGeomatics Engineering

B.S.G.E.Engineering and Computer ScienceGeosciences

B.A., B.S.ScienceHealth Administration

B.H.S.BusinessHealth Science


B.A.Arts & LettersHospitality and Tourism Management

B.B.A, B.S.BusinessInterdisciplinary Studies

B.A.Arts & LettersInternational Business

B.B.A, B.S.BusinessJewish Studies

B.A.Arts & LettersLanguages, Linguistics and Comparative Literature

B.A.Arts & LettersLiberal Arts and Science (Honors College only)

B.A., B.S.Honors CollegeManagement

B.B.A, B.S.BusinessManagement Information Systems

B.B.A, B.S.BusinessMarketing

B.B.A, B.S.BusinessMathematics

B.A., B.S.ScienceMathematics Education

B.A., B.A.EEducationMedical Biology

B.S.ScienceMechanical Engineering

B.S.M.E.Engineering and Computer ScienceMultimedia Studies

B.A.Arts & LettersMusic

B.A., B.M.Arts & LettersMusic Education

B.M.E.Arts & LettersNeuroscience and Behavior

B.S.ScienceOcean Engineering

B.S.O.E.Engineering and Computer ScienceOnline B.B.A.


B.A.Arts & LettersPhysics

B.A., B.S.SciencePolitical Science

B.A.Arts & LettersPsychology

B.A.SciencePublic Management

B.P.M.Arts & LettersPublic Safety Administration

B.P.S.A.Arts & LettersScience Education

B.A., B.S., B.S.E.EducationSocial Studies Education

B.A., B.A.E.EducationSocial Work

B.S.W.Social Work and Criminal JusticeSociology

B.A.Arts & LettersTeacher Certification Spanish

B.A., B.A.E.EducationTheatre

B.A., B.F.A.Arts & LettersUrban and Regional Planning

B.U.R.P.ScienceUrban Design

B.U.D.ScienceActuarial Science

Undergraduate CertificateScienceAdvanced Geographic Information Systems

Undergraduate CertificateScienceArtificial Intelligence

Undergraduate CertificateEngineering and Computer ScienceApplied Mental Health Services

Undergraduate CertificateEducation, ScienceAsian Studies

Undergraduate CertificateArts & LettersBiotechnology

Undergraduate CertificateScienceBusiness Analytics

Undergraduate CertificateBusinessCasino and Gaming Industry Management

Undergraduate CertificateBusinessChild Welfare

Undergraduate CertificateSocial Work and Criminal JusticeClassical Studies

Undergraduate CertificateArts & LettersClub Management

Undergraduate CertificateBusinessData Science: Computer Science Analytics

Undergraduate CertificateEngineering and Computer ScienceData Science: Math Science

Undergraduate CertificateScienceDigital Marketing

Undergraduate CertificateBusinessDiversity and Global Studies

Undergraduate CertificateEducationEnglish as a Second Language (ESL) Studies

Undergraduate CertificateArts & LettersEnvironmental Science

Undergraduate CertificateScienceEthics, Law and Society

Undergraduate CertificateArts & LettersEthnic Studies

Undergraduate CertificateArts & LettersGeographic Information Systems (GIS)

Undergraduate CertificateScienceGerontology

Undergraduate CertificateBusinessHealthcare Information Systems

Undergraduate CertificateBusinessHealthy Aging

Undergraduate CertificateSocial Work and Criminal JusticeHospitality and Tourism Management

Undergraduate CertificateBusinessCybersecurity

Undergraduate CertificateBusinessInternational Business

Undergraduate CertificateBusinessLatin American Studies

Undergraduate CertificateArts & LettersMeetings and Events Management

Undergraduate CertificateBusinessPeace, Justice and Human Rights

Undergraduate CertificateArts & LettersPharmaceutical Technology

Undergraduate CertificateScienceProfessional and Technical Writing

Undergraduate CertificateArts & LettersReligious Studies

Undergraduate CertificateArts & LettersRisk Management and Insurance

Undergraduate CertificateBusinessStatistics

Undergraduate CertificateScienceSurveying & Mapping

Undergraduate CertificateEngineering and Computer ScienceUndergraduate Research

Undergraduate CertificateUndergraduate StudiesArchitecture & Urban and Regional Planning Advanced Standing Program

B.Arch./M.U.R.P.Arts & LettersBiological Sciences/Environmental Science

B.S./M.S.ScienceBiological Sciences

B.S./M.S.ScienceCivil Engineering

B.S.C.V./M.S.Engineering and Computer ScienceComputer Engineering

B.S.C.E./M.S.Engineering and Computer ScienceComputer Science

B.S./M.S.Engineering and Computer ScienceCounselor Education

M.Ed./Ed.S.EducationElectrical Engineering

B.S.E.E./M.S.Engineering and Computer ScienceEnvironmental Engineering/Civil Engineering

B.S.E.V/M.S.Engineering and Computer ScienceMathematical Sciences

B.S./M.S.ScienceMechanical Engineering

B.S.M.E./M.S.Engineering and Computer ScienceOcean Engineering

B.S.O.E./M.S.Engineering and Computer SciencePhysics/Medical Physics

B.S./P.S.M.ScienceUrban and Regional Planning Advanced Standing Program

B.U.R.P./M.U.R.P.ScienceUrban Design & Urban and Regional Planning Advanced Standing Program


Executive Accounting


M.A., M.A.T.Arts & LettersApplied Mathematics and Statistics

M.S.ScienceBiomedical Engineering

M.S.Engineering and Computer ScienceBiological Sciences

M.S, M.S.T.ScienceBiomedical Sciences

M.S.MedicineBusiness Administration (General MBA)

Executive M.B.A.

Professional M.B.A.

Online Executive M.B.A.

M.B.A.BusinessBusiness Analystics

M.S.BusinessBusiness Biotechnology


M.S., M.S.TScienceCivil Engineering

M.S.Engineering and Computer ScienceCommunication

M.A.Arts & LettersComputer Engineering

M.S.Engineering and Computer ScienceComputer Science

M.S.Engineering and Computer ScienceCounselor Education

Ed.S., M.Ed.EducationCriminology and Criminal Justice

M.S.Social Work and Criminal JusticeCurriculum and Instruction (The following concentrations are available to M.Ed. students only)

Ed.S., M.Ed.EducationData Science and Analytics

M.S.ScienceEconomics (The following concentrations are available to M.S. students only)

M.S., M.S.T.BusinessEducational Leadership

Ed.S., M.Ed.EducationElectrical Engineering

M.S.Engineering and Computer ScienceElementary Education


M.A.Arts & LettersEnvironmental Education

M.Ed.EducationEnvironmental Science

M.S.ScienceExceptional Student Education

M.Ed.EducationExercise Science and Health Promotion

M.S.ScienceFinance (Executive Program)


M.S.ScienceHealth Administration

M.H.A.BusinessExecutive Health Administration


M.A.Arts & LettersInformation Technology and Management

M.S.BusinessInformation Technology and Management - Advanced

M.S.Engineering and Computer ScienceInternational Business

M.S.BusinessLanguages, Linguistics and Comparative Literature

M.A.Arts & LettersMarine Science and Oceanogrphy


M.S., M.S.T.ScienceMechanical Engineering

M.S.Engineering and Computer ScienceMedical Physics


M.M.Arts & LettersManagement: Nonprofit

M.N.M.Arts & LettersNursing

M.S.N.NursingOcean Engineering

M.S.Engineering and Computer SciencePhysics

M.S., M.S.T.SciencePolitical Science

M.A., M.A.T.Arts & LettersPsychology

M.A.SciencePublic Administration

M.P.A.Arts & LettersReading Education

M.Ed.EducationSecondary Education plus Certification

M.Ed.EducationSocial Work

M.S.W.Social Work and Criminal JusticeSociology

M.A.Arts & LettersSpeech - Language Pathology/Audiology

M.S.EducationStudio/Fine Arts

M.F.A.Arts & LettersTheatre

M.F.A.Arts & LettersUrban & Regional Planning

M.U.R.P.ScienceWomen, Gender and Sexuality Studies

M.A.Arts & LettersAerospace Engineering

Graduate CertificateEngineering and Computer ScienceAdult/Gerontological Nurse Practitioner

Post-Master's CertificateNursingAdvanced Holistic Nursing

Post-Master's CertificateNursingHealthy Aging

Graduate CertificateSocial Work and Criminal JusticeBig Data Analytics

Graduate CertificateBusinessBig Data Analytics

Graduate CertificateEngineering and Computer ScienceBiomedical Engineering

Graduate CertificateEngineering and Computer ScienceBiomedical Sciences

Graduate CertificateMedicineChild Welfare

Graduate CertificateSocial Work and Criminal JusticeClinical Nurse Leader

Post-Master's CertificateNursingCorrosion

Graduate CertificateEngineering and Computer ScienceCyber Security

Graduate CertificateEngineering and Computer ScienceCyber Security

Graduate CertificateScienceEnglish as a Second Language (ESL) Studies

Graduate CertificateArts & LettersEnvironmental Restoration

Graduate CertificateScienceFamily Nurse Practitioner

Post-Master's CertificateNursingFilm and Culture

Graduate CertificateArts & LettersGeographic Information Systems

Graduate CertificateScienceHealth Administration

Graduate CertificateBusinessHospitality and Tourism Management

Graduate CertificateBusinessInnovation Entrepreneurship

Graduate CertificateBusinessK-12 Online Teaching

Graduate CertificateEducationLiterary Translation

Graduate CertificateArts & LettersMedical Physics

Graduate CertificateScienceMulticultural Education

Graduate CertificateEducationNeuroscience

Graduate CertificateScienceNursing Administration and Financial Leadership

Post-Master's CertificateNursingNurse Educator

Post-Master's CertificateNursingOffshore Engineering

Graduate CertificateEngineering and Computer SciencePostbaccalaureate Research Education Program in Chemistry

Graduate CertificateScienceProfessional Accounting

Graduate CertificateBusinessPsychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practioner

Post-Master's CertificateNursingPublic Policy

Graduate CertificateArts & LettersRemote Sensing

Graduate CertificateScienceRisk Management

Graduate CertificateBusinessTeacher Leadership

Graduate CertificateEducationTransportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Graduate CertificateBusiness, Engineering and Computer ScienceTransportation Engineering

Graduate CertificateEngineering and Computer ScienceBusiness Administration


Ph.D.ScienceComparative Studies

Ph.D.Arts & LettersComplex Systems and Brain Sciences

Ph.D.ScienceComputer Engineering

Ph.D.Engineering and Computer ScienceComputer Science

Ph.D.Engineering and Computer ScienceCounselor Education

Ph.D.EducationCurriculum and Instruction

Ph.D.EducationEducational Leadership

Ph.D.EducationElectrical Engineering

Ph.D.Engineering and Computer ScienceExceptional Student Education

Ed.D.EducationExperimental Psychology


Ph.D.ScienceIntegrative Biology


Ph.D.ScienceMechanical Engineering

Ph.D.Engineering and Computer ScienceMedicine

M.D.MedicineNursing (The following concentrations are available to Ph.D. students only)

D.N.P., Ph.D.NursingOcean Engineering

Ph.D.Engineering and Computer SciencePhysics

Ph.D.SciencePublic Administration

Programs of study

Undergraduate Degree Admissions Requirements Tuition fees Apply
Accountiung IELTS 6 17300 USD Apply
Digital Marketing IELTS 6 17300 USD Apply
Economics IELTS 6 17300 USD Apply
Finance IELTS 6 17300 USD Apply
Postgraduate degree Admissions Requirements Tuition fees Apply
Multicultural Education IELTS 6,5 17300 USD Apply
Transportation Engineering IELTS 6,5 17300 USD Apply

Cultural life at Florida Atlantic University

College is a total living and learning experience, incorporating both academics and personal growth. As you will soon discover, academic and personal growth can be enhanced by being involved in one of the great opportunities that exist on campus. These opportunities can range from joining a student organization, campus employment, sports clubs or even assisting in research with faculty. You have a passion or a desire and we will find a way for you to get connected here at FAU. No matter what time of day or which day of the week it is, there is something in which you can get involved in.

Accommodation Options at Florida Atlantic University

Location and Infrastructure

South Florida is more than just beautiful beaches and perfect subtropical weather – it’s an economic and entrepreneurial hub that provides students with countless opportunities to learn through experience.