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About Ryerson University

Ryerson University is a public research university located in TorontoOntario, Canada. The university's core campus is situated within the Garden District, although it also operates facilities elsewhere in Toronto. The university operates seven academic divisions/faculties, the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Communication and Design, the Faculty of Community Services, the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science, the Faculty of Science, the Lincoln Alexander School of Law, and the Ted Rogers School of Management. The institution was established in 1948 as the Ryerson Institute of Technology.The University is a co-educational institution, with approximately 44,400 undergraduates and 2,950 graduate students enrolled there during the 2019–20 academic year. A number of individuals have graduated from the institution, with Ryerson having nearly 170,000 alumni as of 2017. The university's athletics department operates several varsity teams that play as the Ryerson Rams, competing in the Ontario University Athletics conference of U Sports.The University have 133 partner universities in 37 countries.

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Why Ryerson University?

The Ryerson University is  dedicated to creating a culture of action. They believe that education and experience go hand-in-hand. What our students learn in the classroom is enhanced by real-world knowledge through internships and co-ops, or amplified through zone learning, specialized minors and graduate programs.

Academic Faculties

Accounting & Finance (BComm)

Aerospace Engineering (BEng)

Architectural Science (BArchSc)

Arts and Contemporary Studies (BA (Hons))

Biology (BSc (Hons))

Biomedical Engineering (BEng)

Biomedical Sciences (BSc (Hons))

Business Management (BComm)

Business Technology Management (BComm)

Chemical Engineering Co-op (BEng)

Chemistry (BSc (Hons))

Child and Youth Care (BA)

Civil Engineering (BEng)

Computer Engineering (BEng)

Computer Science (BSc (Hons))

Creative Industries (BA)

Criminology (BA (Hons))

Disability Studies (BA)

Early Childhood Studies (BA)

Electrical Engineering (BEng)

English (BA (Hons))

English Language Pathway Programs

Environment and Urban Sustainability (BA (Hons))

Fashion (BDes)

Financial Mathematics (BSc (Hons))

Geographic Analysis (BA (Hons))

Graphic Communications Management (BTech)

Health Administration (BHA)

History (BA (Hons))

Hospitality and Tourism Management (BComm (Hons))

Image Arts: Film Studies (BFA)

Image Arts: Photography Studies (BFA)

Industrial Engineering (BEng)

Interior Design (BID)

International Economics and Finance (BA)

Journalism (BJourn)

Juris Doctor (Lincoln Alexander School of Law)

Language and Intercultural Relations (BA (Hons))

Mathematics and its Applications (BSc)

Mechanical Engineering (BEng)

Medical Physics (BSc (Hons))

Midwifery (BHSc)

Nursing (BScN) > Four-Year Collaborative Program (Ryerson, Centennial, George Brown)

Nursing (BScN) > Post Diploma

Nutrition and Food (BASc)

Occupational Health and Safety (BASc)

Performance: Acting (BFA)

Performance: Dance (BFA)

Performance: Production (BFA)

Philosophy (BA (Hons))

Politics and Governance (BA (Hons))

Professional Communication (BA (Hons))

Professional Music (BFA (Hons))

Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate (PHCNP)

Psychology (BA)

Public Administration and Governance (BA (Hons))

Public Health (BASc)

Retail Management (BComm (Hons))

RTA School of Media: Media Production (BA)

RTA School of Media: New Media (BFA)

RTA School of Media: Sport Media (BA)

Social Work (BSW)

Sociology (BA (Hons))

Undeclared Arts (First Year Studies Only)

Undeclared Engineering (First Semester Studies Only)

Undeclared Science (First Year Studies Only)

Urban and Regional Planning (BURPI)

Programs of study

Cultural life at Ryerson University

Step out of the classroom and into the heart of Toronto, a city recently rated seventh most livable in the world by The Economist.Connect with leaders in culture, business, health care or government. Find a local partner for your venture, intern at a downtown company or join a global movement. From here, you can go anywhere.The award-winning Student Learning Centre (SLC) provides an outstanding environment in which to study, collaborate and share ideas.

Accommodation Options at Ryerson University

Location and Infrastructure

Ryerson University Campus , Toronto